The Case Against Brian Frosh

After decades in the Washington D.C. area, Brian Frosh is out of touch with families in Baltimore, and around the state.  But while Frosh may not know them, it's critical for the people of Baltimore to know about Brian Frosh.  The Attorney General's number one priority is keeping families safe, but Brian Frosh has again and again put Maryland families at risk:

  • Frosh voted to go easy on violent sexual offenders that prey on our kids. (HB 930, 2007) (SB 413, 2007)
  • Frosh voted against mandatory prison time for these predators, and even opposed putting the names of known sexual offenders on the Internet. (SB 610, HB 229, 1999)  (HB 2, 2006) (SB 4, 2006) (SB 854, 2010)

Brian Frosh has made it harder for parents in Maryland to protect their kids...and that's a risk we just can't afford.