Statement on White House College Sexual Assault Commission Report

Cardin says he is proud the White House is supporting an approach similar to his 2014 college sexual assault plan 

Baltimore, MD – “On Monday, the White House issued a commission report calling on college campuses to survey their students regarding unwanted sexual experiences in college and to support victims of sexual assault on their campuses, among other excellent recommendations.

“In the 2014 Maryland Legislative Session, I proposed House Bill 19, a bill that required both anonymous sexual assault surveys and enhanced victim support services on campus, an approach the White House is now touting. This shows that Maryland cares about keeping our children safe and is two steps ahead of the new threats facing Maryland families.”

“With 1 in 4 women sexually assaulted on college campuses, this is not a problem we can continue to ignore. It is not acceptable for colleges and universities to stick their heads in the sand and wait for victims to come to them. Our schools must be proactive in reaching out to students to help them heal while also better protecting and supporting victims. Unfortunately, my bill did not pass in Maryland, but I am confident universities will now move forward with this important policy.

“These surveys aren’t about demonizing colleges and universities because I know these schools want to keep their students as safe as possible. As the White House Commission report stated, colleges should get credit for ‘being honest’ and that is what surveys will do.

“Last week, I pledged to continue to support this policy as Maryland’s next Attorney General. Now that even the White House is supporting sexual assault surveys and enhanced victim support services, I look forward to working with colleges, universities and our Legislature to implement and enforce this policy.”