Letter to the Editor - 5/1/14: Response to 'For A.G., it's Frosh vs. not-Ben'

Andrew Radding, Published in The Daily Record

C. Fraser Smith’s paean to Sen. Brian Frosh (April 25, “For A.G., it’s Frosh vs. not-Ben”) seems focused on the fact that “Inside State Circle” he would be the favorite. Yet for someone who has been in the legislature for decades, Mr. Smith does not single out even one piece of legislation Mr. Frosh has sponsored. He’s just a favorite of the “inside players.”

Jon Cardin has introduced and supported several bills to protect young people and victims of Internet and other forms of victimization. Mr. Smith does not seem to feel that that is worth mentioning either. Perhaps because Jon’s legislative record in a short time matches well against the far more senior Mr. Frosh. Let’s also not forget that as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Mr. Frosh did not come close to bringing us a reasonable solution to the counsel/bail situation.

Mr. Smith also finds fault with the fact that Sen. Ben Cardin is supporting his nephew, though he admits that Sen. Cardin sees real talent in Jon. Sen. Cardin served in the legislature for many years — in a leadership post for most of them. He has been in both houses of Congress. Perhaps his judgment is as discerning as the “insiders” in State Circle.

I don’t remember Mr. Smith finding fault with Kennedys supporting Kennedys, Currans supporting Currans, Clintons supporting Clintons. The Cardin family certainly has a long and well-recognized history of public service to Maryland; why is Mr. Smith so condescending about Ben’s support of Jon? Could it be because it doesn’t help his candidate?