Jon Cardin Releases Campaign Video Highlighting Leadership & Legislation in Protecting & Expanding Voting Rights


BALTIMORE, MD – Jon Cardin, Democratic State Delegate and candidate for Maryland Attorney General, released a campaign video today highlighting his leadership on issues of voting rights and expanding the right to vote to all eligible voters. Click here to view Jon's full voting rights video.

In a statement, Cardin said, “The right to vote is the most fundamental element of a democracy. Making sure that all eligible voters are able to vote in free, fair, and transparent elections has been a priority for me as a legislator. As Attorney General, enforcing the laws I helped pass to protect the Franchise will remain a top priority of my civil rights office.”

Paraphrasing the video, Cardin continued, “For hundreds of years, people fought for the right to vote and participate in democracy. We should make it as convenient as possible for every eligible person to vote. That’s the American way, that’s Democracy. And it’s something I’m thrilled to be at the forefront of.”

As a result of Cardin’s work on protecting voting rights, Maryland passed the most significant campaign finance reform law in a generation, the Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2013, to increase transparency in special interest spending and decrease the influence of big business in politics. Also in 2013, his proposal to allow same day voter registration during early voting passed. He has served as Chairman of the Election Law Subcommittee since 2007.

In the video, House Majority Whip, Delegate Talamdge Branch says, “Jon Cardin has led the fight to protect the rights of voters in Maryland. You name it, if it involves election and voting rights, you can find Jon Cardin’s fingerprints on it.” 

On Cardin’s leadership in passing the Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2013, Senator Ben Cardin said, “Jon took his knowledge as a lawyer. He took on process issues to pass major election reform. He was able to get people of different views to work together for a common goal.”

A recent Opinion Works poll published by the Baltimore Sun on June 9, 2014 found Cardin leading nearest Democratic rival by 10 points. His newest campaign video can be viewed on his website: or directly by clicking here.  For a full biography of Del. Cardin and for additional information on his legislative accomplishments and positions, Click here.


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