Jon Cardin Releases Campaign Video Highlighting Cyberbullying Leadership & Legislation

Cardin sponsored the nation’s toughest anti-cyberbullying law to make Maryland the safest place for children on the internet in the nation


BALTIMORE, MD – Jon Cardin, Democratic State Delegate and candidate for Maryland Attorney General, released a campaign video today highlighting his work passing Grace’s Law, the nation’s toughest anti-cyberbullying legislation. Click here to view Jon's full cyberbullying video.

In a statement, Cardin said, “Grace McComas was a promising young 15 year old Howard County student, but Grace was being bullied. It wasn’t the kind of bullying you remember from the playground, she was being bullied over the Internet. Every day she was being threatened with sexual assault and rape. This happened for months on end.  Then, two years ago on Easter Sunday, she tragically took her own life.”

Cardin continued, "After Grace's tragic suicide, we passed the toughest anti-cyberbullying law in the country, and to honor her memory, we named it Grace's Law." Cardin worked with the McComas family and First Lady Kathleen O’Malley to pass this bill to honor Grace.

Paraphrasing the video, Cardin states, “It started off with a small bill to make it illegal to harass people on Facebook and it turned into the most significant and serious cyber bullying legislation in the country.”

“Jon found a flaw in the law. In the case of cyberbullying, it was illegal to harass somebody through the Internet directly but it was not illegal to harass through a public forum like Facebook or any of those other sites. Jon’s common sense approach to the law and to CB[cyberbullying] allowed him to understand that we need protection and news ways and that the threats are evolving,” said Mark Berman, an expert on new and digital medias, about Cardin’s work in passing the legislation. reports that 25% of teenagers have experienced repeated bullying via cellphone or the Internet and that victims of cyberbullying are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem and consider suicide as a result.

Cardin is running for Attorney General to tackle the new and complicated challenges facing Maryland families in a rapidly changing world. His newest campaign video can be viewed on his website: or directly by clicking here.  For a full biography of Del. Cardin and for additional information on his legislative accomplishments and positions, Click here.