Jon Cardin Announces Exploratory Committee for AG Run

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Jon Cardin Announces Exploratory Committee for AG Run

Delegate Jon S. Cardin (D-11, Baltimore County) has launched an exploratory committee to consider running for the Office of the Attorney General of Maryland in 2014. His advisory committee includes leading attorneys, community, business, non-profit, and political leaders, elected officials of local, state, and federal offices, activists, volunteers, teachers, doctors, and advocates of environmental, legal, fiscal, and social justice causes, among others.

Delegate Cardin has been listening to citizens throughout his 10 years of service in the House of Delegates and as a career lawyer, he has been talking with the wide sphere of interested people and organizations since last December as he considers the Attorney General’s office. He alluded to his interest in the position during the 2012 Legislative Session, and this is the first comment from his office.

In a statement, Delegate Cardin said, "The Attorney General is an independently elected officer whose job is to bring fairness, safety and protection to the people of Maryland. This is the same vision I have dedicated my legal career, legislative priorities, and lifetime activities to for more than a decade. Therefore, I am exploring a run for this office to bring fairness and protection to Maryland’s consumers, students, environment, and economy and to keep it as the best state to live, work and recreate. I guarantee that I will continue to bring a balanced, pragmatic, honest and aggressive approach to executing my duties, and I can think of no more meaningful aspiration than to make all Marylanders, from our working poor to our business leaders, feel safe and secure in Maryland."

While the 2014 election season continues to take shape, Delegate Cardin plans a productive legislative session. As a specialist in election law, Delegate Cardin will passionately advocate for campaign finance reform while also introducing legislation to confront Maryland’s bullying problem, improve the state’s fiscal position, and offer incentives for healthier lifestyles to reduce the exorbitant cost of healthcare.