Independent Poll Shows Cardin with Double Digit Lead in Race for Attorney General


Baltimore- In a new, independent poll released today by Gonzales Research and Marketing, Jon Cardin has opened up a double digit lead on his next leading opponent in the race for Attorney General. With 25% of likely primary voters supporting Del. Cardin, his campaign has already secured a quarter of the available votes in a four-candidate contest.

In the Baltimore region, which comprises 46% of the likely primary electorate, Cardin has a commanding 23 point lead, nearly twice as much support as the next leading candidate. In the Washington suburbs, which comprises 39% of likely voters, Cardin is in a statistical dead heat with his main Montgomery County based opponent. Cardin also claims a double digit lead with likely primary voters outside the Baltimore-Washington corridor, where the campaign expects to perform well.

In a statement, Del. Cardin said This campaign is about new ideas to protect Maryland families in a rapidly changing world. While I am thrilled to see that our message has been well received, this race is far from over. I look forward to continuing to build momentum as I campaign across every part of the state

Del. Jon Cardin is a practicing attorney and lifelong Marylander. Born in Baltimore City, he graduated from Tufts University, Baltimore Hebrew University, UMBC, and University of Maryland Law School, and has practiced law in Baltimore for twelve years. Elected to the House of Delegates since 2003, Jon has been a fierce advocate on behalf of Maryland families and sponsored the toughest anti-cyber bullying law in the nation. Jon is an avid protector of the Chesapeake Bay and has sponsored legislation, and vigorously fought for, equality for all Marylanders.

Additionally, Jon serves as Chairman of the Election Law Subcommittee, where he has fought to open up voting rights for all Marylanders. One of Maryland’s most passionate legislators on campaign finance reform and protecting the right to vote, he has led the fight for same day voter registration, eliminating special interest money from political campaigns, increasing transparency and additional accountability for super-PACs and other outside spending.

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