H. Mark Stichel: Jon Cardin more than a name

H. Mark Stichel, The Daily Record

Daily Record May 8, 2014

(Below is an excerpt from H. Mark Stichel's response to C. Fraser Smith's piece in The Daily Record. The full letter can be found on The Daily Record's website by clicking the link in the above by-line.)

While there has not been significant talk about this year’s race for attorney general, it is important we start talking about who will be the state’s next top lawyer, charged with representing the interests of families, consumers and the environment. This is an important job deserving the best candidate and a thoughtful look at who is best for the job. Because I was disappointed that C. Fraser Smith recently wrote in The Daily Record that Jon Cardin is only a famous last name while anointing Brian Frosh the best man for the job with little to no explanation as to why, I thought I would provide a bit more insight.

Unfortunately, Mr. Smith failed to do his research. If he had, he would have realized Jon Cardin is much more than a name. He is the best candidate for attorney general of Maryland.

It is true that Jon Cardin has a famous last name, of which I know he is proud, but it is also true that he has 12 years of the strongest and most consistent record among the candidates in this race of protecting Maryland’s children, families, voters and disabled from predators. In contrast, Brian Frosh has consistently voted against protecting children, domestic violence victims and vulnerable populations from predators up until 2014, the year of his first difficult contested primary election.