Del. Jon Cardin Announces Candidacy for Attorney General


Contact: Andy Carton, Campaign Manager
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Jon Cardin Announces Candidacy for Attorney General

Cardin pledges to fairly protect Maryland families in a rapidly changing world; campaign releases video to supporters

BALTIMORE, MD – Democratic State Delegate Jon Cardin today announced his candidacy for Maryland Attorney General, citing his unique qualifications to tackle the new and complicated challenges facing Maryland families in a rapidly changing world.  

Cardin’s campaign released an introductory video to supporters today:  

“Families are facing new and complex challenges in today’s rapidly changing world, and I believe Maryland’s next Attorney General must be aggressive enough and savvy enough to stay one step ahead of anyone seeking to harm our families – whether on our streets or in cyberspace,” said Del. Cardin.  “I believe my experience as a State Delegate, an attorney and the father of a beautiful young daughter, uniquely prepare me to fairly protect Maryland families from the next-generation challenges they face.”  

As a Member of the Maryland General Assembly since 2003, and Chairman of the Election Law subcommittee, Del. Cardin has been a leader on a range of important issues facing Maryland families.  As Chairman of the Election Law subcommittee, Cardin has led the fight for tough campaign finance reforms to get money out of politics.  Last year, Del. Cardin was also the lead sponsor of Grace’s Law, which was signed into law by Gov. Martin O’Malley, and is now regarded as one of the nation’s toughest laws against cyber bullies who target our children.  

“Throughout my career in the Maryland House of Delegates, I’ve made a point of staying one step ahead of those corporations that take advantage of Maryland consumers, one step ahead of anyone polluting Maryland’s environment, and one step ahead of anyone looking to harm our children,” Cardin said. “Twenty years ago, we could have never envisioned that this new thing called the Internet would become the preferred vehicle for predators and bullies to go after our children – but that’s the world we live in – so I led the charge to write and pass Grace’s Law, one of the toughest anti-cyber bullying laws in America.  These are the types of forward-thinking ideas I look forward to bringing to the Attorney General’s office.”  

Del. Cardin also pledges to continue being a strong voice for the rights of women, minorities, voters, union workers, the LGBTQ community and all Marylanders who traditionally have been the targets of injustice.

“I strongly believe that all Marylanders should have an equal opportunity to succeed and achieve their dreams,” Cardin said.  “As Maryland’s next Attorney General, I will always stand up for the rights of all Marylanders to worship to whomever they like, vote for whomever they like and marry whomever they love.  When it comes to protecting the civil rights and liberties of Marylanders, and stamping out discrimination wherever it exists, we will move forward – not backward.  Everyone in Maryland, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation deserves a fair shake and an equal opportunity to succeed.” 

Cardin also announced his campaign team.  Campaign aide Andy Carton has been promoted to Campaign Manager.  A Baltimore County native, Carton most recently worked in Senator Jim Brochin’s legislative office and managed campaigns for the Indiana House Caucus.  Marc A. Ashed, former Campaign Executive for the Jewish National Fund, will serve as Finance Director.  The team also includes pollster David Petts, and the media consulting firm of Adelstein-Liston. 

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