Cardin: People Need to Know Who I Am

Steve Lash, Daily Record

Photo By Maximilian Franz

Photo by Maximilian Franz


(Below is an excerpt from The Daily Record's profile of Jon Cardin, the full article can be found on their website by clicking the link in the by-line.)

 The nephew of Maryland’s popular junior U.S. senator, Del. Jon S. Cardin does not deny that name recognition has helped him become the frontrunner in the campaign against his Democratic opponents for attorney general. But Cardin said it will take more than a name to win on primary day, June 24.

“Having my uncle’s support, advice and counsel is the biggest benefit of being a Cardin,” he said. “I need people to know who I am: A lawyer who is interested in keeping people safe and with a voice.”

The attorney general’s job involves not only litigating on the state’s behalf but advocating for laws that will protect Marylanders, Cardin said.

“Marylanders deserve to be treated fairly and equally,” Cardin said.

“The attorney general’s office is where that happens,” he added. “The attorney general should work to get legislation passed that he supports.”