Cardin Concerned Over UMD Data Breach; Says Proactive Measures are Necessary

Annapolis, MD – Delegate Jon S. Cardin issued the following statement regarding the theft of personal identifying data and information of 309,000 current and former University of Maryland, College Park and Shady Grove students on February 19, 2014:

“In less than an hour, sophisticated computer hackers executed a cyber attack on one of the most technologically secure institutions in the nation. 309,000 social security numbers, birth dates and university ID numbers were stolen with the click of a mouse. Now, these students and former students will be vulnerable for years to come. Identity theft means years of credit monitoring, fighting to prove your identity and the likely loss of both time and money. If we are going to require students to give us sensitive information, we must do a better job keeping it secure.

The internet is the new frontier in which criminals will take advantage of vulnerable people and institutions. In this rapidly changing world, we need to be proactive in combating internet security threats, hacking and other cyber crimes like revenge porn before our personal information is compromised, our businesses lose billions, or our online commerce and routine internet activities are brought to a standstill.”