Cardin Carries Baltimore on His Back

Hassan Giordano, DMV Daily

He’s been an advocate for voting and civil rights almost since his inception into politics, and now he’s carrying that message across the state in hopes of becoming Maryland’s next Attorney General.

Born in Baltimore City, Delegate Jon Cardin now represents Baltimore County, and is the only statewide candidate from the Baltimore region. And he wears that as a badge of honor. The 44-year old three-term legislator has chaired the election law subcommittee on the all-powerful Ways and Means Committee in the House, where he has consistently fought for the voting rights of all Marylanders.

He has championed legislation to reform the campaign finance system, advocating for stronger and more transparent guidelines while consistently fighting for the public financing of political campaigns. He recently helped in the fight to repeal the Death Penalty, decriminalize marijuana and secure over a billion dollars for Baltimore City public schools. And he did all that before he had his morning coffee.

Cardin has consistently led in every poll conducted to-date, regarding who Maryland voters supported in the Attorney General’s race, and he recently outraised both of his opponents in the first campaign finance report due post-legislative session. And now, Cardin continues to advocate for Baltimore area voters, who for the first time in decades doesn’t have an area hometown favorite on the statewide ballot for Governor, Lt. Governor or Comptroller.

 “Jon has always been a straight-forward and upfront leader in the Maryland General Assembly, and I think he’ll make an awesome Attorney General,” says independent political analyst, Shaun Louis. “All three democratic candidates are more than qualified to hold the position, and aren’t too far removed from what the others are offering; which ultimately leaves this race up to who will serve the individual voters interest. And as the only Baltimore representative on the ballot statewide, it’s a no-brainer that he is our choice at”

Refuting a bogus story in the Baltimore Sun regarding his voting record, Cardin recently addressed a large crowd of East Baltimore voters at the Cheryl Glenn post-session informational session she gives each year. The 45th district residents took to his message of targeting the next generation of crimes, including the cyber-bullying legislation he introduced as a Delegate, which was the most progressive piece of legislation in the country at the time.

Being endorsed by the district’s powerful and most senior state delegate Talmadge Branch, will certainly help him carry quite a few votes in that district. And while his opponent, Senator Brian Frosh, has received the bulk of the democratic establishment endorsements, Cardin believes that his given name and his years of service will help propel him to victory on June 24th.     

“I have been working night and day to communicate my message of making sure all Maryland families are protected and treated fairly,” says Cardin. “I am honored by the outpouring of support, and look forward to continuing to meet voters wherever they are.”

He’s the latest Cardin to seek higher office, as his Uncle Ben Cardin went from being a Congressman to serving the state as one of its two U.S. Senators in 2006. And now, he’s thrilled to have his nephew leading the charge to become the 46th Attorney General for the great State of Maryland.

And while the leadership of Brian Frosh in the state senate was admirable, and the service by Delegate Aisha Braveboy, both as a state delegate from Prince George’s County and her leadership as Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, was remarkably memorable; Cardin’s clear cut style and leadership, as well as his sincere passion for the Baltimore region, leaves this publication proud to endorse his candidacy. (Video posted below...)