Protecting Maryland Families in a Rapidly Changing World 
A Lifetime of Standing Up for Fairness and Safety

For Jon Cardin, standing up for those without a voice of their own has been a lifelong mission.

Maryland’s next Attorney General will face unique challenges and threats to our families unlike those of even recent predecessors. The world is rapidly changing and so are the methods that we must employ to protect our families, consumers and children. As a legislator who passed some of the toughest Internet stalking laws in the nation, an attorney who stands up for those without a voice, and the proud father of one-year-old daughter – Del. Jon Cardin has the right experience to be the type of next-generation Attorney General that Maryland families need.

Jon has devoted his career in public service to standing up for the most vulnerable among us. A tireless advocate for our youth, he sponsored the toughest anti-cyber bullying law in the nation, which was signed by Gov. O’Malley this year. An avid protector of the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s unique natural treasures, he implemented incentives to expand solar power, hybrid technologies, and bio-solid renewable fuel sources. Working to protect consumers, he has taken on big corporations by increasing penalties for companies who play fast and loose with consumer credit information, and fought for stricter safety standards for food products. And during a time of groundbreaking strides for civil and equal rights in Maryland, Jon sponsored legislations and vigorously fought for equality for all Marylanders.

Jon grew up in a family uniquely dedicated to public service in Maryland. With no lack of powerful role-models around the table at weekly family dinners, Jon learned early the value of humility and service – principles that continue to guide his life and work today. Jon learned that faith and family always come first, but that as an attorney and public official, he has the responsibility to be a voice for those who traditionally haven’t had one, and to stand up for families that deserve a fair shake.

After graduating from Tufts University, Jon taught high school Spanish before pursuing dual master’s degrees in Public Policy and Jewish Studies, before earning a law degree from University of Maryland School of Law and joining his father’s family law practice.

In 2003, he successfully ran to represent his community in the Maryland House of Delegates, where he has put the values he learned around the family dinner table into action – bringing 21st century solutions to the modern challenges facing Maryland’s children, consumers, minority communities and environment.

Jon maintains a 97% lifetime environmental voting record and proudly stands as one of the strongest opponents of corporate polluters. As the Chairman of the Election Law and Campaign Finance Subcommittee, Jon knows nothing is more sacred to democracy than the right to vote, and he has been one of the state’s leading voices for open government, campaign finance reform, and fair elections.

As Maryland’s next Attorney General, Jon will focus on protecting Maryland families from the new and complex challenges they face. He’ll implement new solutions to fight crime both on our streets and in cyberspace, put the Office of the Attorney General squarely on the side of Maryland consumers, and he’ll use all resources available to protect Maryland’s unique environment.

Jon lives with his wife, Megan, their daughter, Dorothy and their dog, Matilda. They attend Beth Tfiloh synagogue. Jon and the entire Cardin gang still make weekly dinners a priority. In his free time, Jon enjoys watching Dorothy grow up, walking his dog, running and swimming.

A Legislator Focused on the New Challenges Facing Maryland Consumers and Families

As a State Delegate over the past 10 years, Jon found himself consistently asking: how can Maryland stay one step ahead? One step ahead of modern criminals. One step ahead of savvy corporations looking to take advantage of consumers. One step ahead of polluters who don’t respect Maryland’s environmental treasures like the Chesapeake Bay. And one step ahead of anyone who seeks to roll-back the clock on civil rights, women’s rights, voters’ rights and the rights of GLBT Marylanders.