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Cyber Sexual Assault:

Cyber Sexual Assault, also known as “revenge porn” is when a person distributes explicit photographs and video of someone without their consent.

In this rapidly changing world, the humiliation and anguish that women suffer from sexual harassment and assault are moving online.  We need to recognize that vindictive people do not only torment their victims through harassing phone calls or stalking any longer — they’re releasing privately shared and sexually explicit pictures onto public websites specifically designed for vengeful purposes or to humiliate their exes.  No one deserves to be treated this way and predators should not have the right to use the internet to ruin someone else’s life.  That is why I am introducing legislation to make publishing revenge porn a felony in Maryland. 

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Sexual Assault Reduction:

One in four women will be sexually assaulted before they graduate college, and few perpetrators will ever spend a day in jail.  The lack of action on this epidemic represents an outrageous legal and moral failure that must end.  My bill, the first of its kind in Maryland, would create an independent victim advocacy office on every college in Maryland. 

Additionally, it would improve access to information on these heinous assaults, and disincentivize colleges from protecting perpetrators by requiring them to publicly report all incidences of sexual assault on their campuses.  They will also need to provide services for individuals harmed by these assaults and have students take surveys to gather data on how to further combat assault. 

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