Explosive pipes under our bedrooms 

Columbia Gas has planned an extension of an existing line running through Baltimore and Harford Counties. Building the pipeline would require a five foot ditch to be dug across 21 miles of land, adversely impacting the natural environment of that area. Homeowners are also affected as the company seeks to invoke eminent domain on over 400 acres of property to gain temporary or permanent easements. Recently, homeowners who failed to reach easement agreements with Columbia Gas began facing lawsuits filed by the company demanding they sell their land for fair market value.

As a resident and representative of Baltimore County, Jon has strong concerns about the proposed Columbia Gas pipeline expansion going through Baltimore County. Not only would it cut through Oregon Ridge Park where Jon loves to hike, but the pipeline has the potential to have a greater negative impact on the environment as well. Jon informed his constituents about his own concerns with the pipeline and asked that they keep informed on the issue as the project could affect their property rights. Jon remains skeptical about the pipeline even though officials have stated that the project will not have a significant effect on the park or any areas impacted.