Protecting Maryland’s greatest treasure

Chesapeake bay healthThe Chesapeake Bay needs to recover from centuries of over fishing and pollution. In recent years, the Bay’s health has improved, but its overall condition remains poor. The Bay continues to suffer from polluted water, degraded habitats, and low populations of fish and shellfish species.

Like most Marylanders, Jon grew up loving the Chesapeake Bay. Since becoming a delegate, Jon has fought for the health of the Bay and its estuaries. Because Jon knows that the Bay is not only a cultural and social jewel of Maryland but also an important economic driver of the State, he has sponsored and supported numerous pieces of legislation to revitalize the Bay including an oyster shell recycling program, limiting stormwater runoff, and implementing Smart Growth Practices. He has been a consistent advocate for closing loopholes for corporations that pollute the Bay and our environment. This session he also sponsored legislation to ban non-biodegradable cigarette butts in the state. Jon boasts a 97% lifetime score from the Maryland League of Conservation Voters.