Protecting Maryland’s Environment

For over a decade, Jon Cardin has been one of the state’s leading voices for protecting Maryland’s environment for future generations. Beyond sponsoring key pieces of legislation, Jon leads by example –purchasing a hybrid car “before it was cool”, living in a carbon-neutral house made mostly from reclaimed materials, and frequently riding his bicycle to work.  Jon believes in the simple principle that we owe it to our children to leave Maryland’s environment in better shape than we found it – not the other way around.

In the legislature, and in his community, Jon has been a leader in protecting Maryland’s unique environment for future generations: 

  • A consistent fighter for closing loopholes for corporations that pollute the Chesapeake Bay and our environment at large.
  • Introduced legislation to increase recycling at state office buildings and to expand the State’s “green portfolio.”
  • Supporter of incentives to businesses and individuals who reduce their carbon footprints and create next-generation energy jobs.
  • Strong supporter of initiatives to improve the air quality across our state such as the clean indoor and outdoor air acts.
  • Chairman of the Legislative Bicycle Caucus and an avid hiker, biker, runner and swimmer, Jon actively enjoys Maryland’s outdoor treasurers and parks.  He has been a leader in the legislature in creating incentives for state employees to live healthy lifestyles and enjoy more time outdoors.
  • Because Jon knows that the Chesapeake Bay is not only a cultural and social jewel of Maryland but also an economic driver of the State, he has sponsored and supported numerous pieces of legislation to revitalize the Bay including an oyster shell recycling program, limiting storm water runoff, implementing Smart Growth practices, closing incentives for businesses to contaminate the Bay, voting for bills to hold polluters responsible among other progressive measures.