Protecting Maryland Families in a Rapidly Changing World

In a 21st Century world, where criminals not only threaten families on street corners, but also in cyberspace, Jon Cardin believes that it’s critical for Maryland law enforcement officials to stay one step ahead –implementing the most modern, tech-savvy and community-based law enforcement techniques to keep Maryland families safe.  That’s why Jon wrote Grace’s Law – now one of the toughest anti-cyber bullying laws in the nation-- to keep our children safe from Internet predators and bullies.

In the Maryland legislature, Jon has consistently sponsored and supported common-sense measures to protect families in our state, including:

  • Consistent supporter of common-sense gun reforms to keep weapons of out of the hands of criminals, including the Governor’s Firearms Safety Act of 2013 and the Maryland assault weapons ban.
  • A leading voice for combating gang violence in our communities and in our schools, including tougher accountability measures for schools to monitor gang involvement and support for the Maryland Gang Prosecution Act of 2007.
  • Strong supporter of Megan’s Law which implemented tougher penalties for sex offenders, rapists and child abusers.  Cardin supports legislation requiring lifetime supervision of sex offenders to keep our children and communities safer.
  • The author and sponsor of Grace’s law, one of the toughest anti-cyber bullying laws in the nation.  Cardin also lead the charge to pass a bill requiring every school to develop a plan to combat bullying.
  • A leader in the fight to end the devastating effects of human trafficking, which pull thousands of young men and women into a cycle of exploitation and abuse every year.  Cardin co-sponsored  legislation to strip convicted human traffickers of the profits of their crimes.