Restoring safety, ending the bounty system 

Last year alone Baltimore City issued an estimated 700,000 speed camera tickets each carrying a $40 fine. If 10% of those tickets were issued erroneously, 70,000 Marylanders would have incorrectly conceded almost $3 million dollars to the State. Speed camera operators need to be held accountable for their mistakes while also protecting schoolchildren, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers.

Jon proposed speed camera reform last year due to the egregious error rate of cameras in Baltimore City. Unfortunately, the bill failed to pass. This year, in light of the Baltimore Sun’s revealing error rates as high as 58%, Jon again sponsored reform legislation that would fine speed camera operators $1000 per erroneously issued ticket. Jon agrees with Maryland drivers that the issuance of thousands of erroneous speeding tickets, sometimes for nonmoving vehicles, is outrageous. Jon knows that confidence in the system needs to be rebuilt and fairness must be returned to the system.

The speed camera reform bill of 2014 is modeled on the reforms proposed by Jon in 2013 and mirrored the bill that Jon drafted in 2014. He admitted that he was humbled at the fact that the Legislature took his proposal and made it law.