The key to self-governance 

Maryland ranks one of the worst states in the union in transparency and accountability. The Center for Public Integrity graded Maryland “F” in Public Access to Information, Executive Accountability, Legislative Accountability, State Pension Fund Management, and State Insurance Commissions. The Center writes, “In Maryland’s “clubby” Capitol, there’s little transparency, procurement policies are byzantine, and audit results are often ignored.”

Transparency is one of the easiest problems to fix, and steps must be taken to do so immediately. Recent audits revealed concerns in how tax dollars are spent in Maryland. Government transparency promotes efficiency, efficacy, and allows for public engagement and collaboration.

Jon makes it easy for constituents to give feedback through email and social media. Like him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, and even Pinterest. Offline, Jon is doing his part to ensure and increase government transparency, too. Jon voted for the Maryland Open Meetings Act and the Maryland Public Information Act. Jon supported the establishment of a State Public Information Act Compliance Board. He also voted to study the impact of publishing agendas in advance of government body meetings.

As Attorney General, Jon will insist that all government reports are easily accessible online, and continue to advocate for a more open and transparent government.