A billion dollar scam

A diploma mill is a company that sells degrees to individuals who have not studied or trained to earn them. Diploma mills frequently sell fake medical degrees from real universities that in fact have no medical program. Individuals can enroll in a diploma mill institution such as Commonwealth Open University just by paying and without submitting transcripts or writing samples. These programs draw customers by offering degrees at much lower costs and passing students at much faster rates than accredited schools. A report by the Government Accountability Office found hundreds of government employees held fake degrees. Diplomas mills operate in a billion dollar industry that sells hundreds of thousands of fraudulent degrees internationally each year.

Jon supports quality education for all including vocational education, online education, community college, and traditional institutions of higher education. Online degree programs are a great alternative to classroom learning for busy students. But students need to earn their degrees, not buy them. Jon supported regulations on online distance programs last year and continues to support the Maryland Higher Education Commission this year in their efforts to tighten regulations. Everyone should have the opportunity to get a degree; no one should be able to merely buy a degree.

As Attorney General, Jon will go after diploma mill scams that take advantage of those who are seeking a better education