Standing Up for Maryland Consumers

From standing up to big insurance companies, to cracking down on predatory lenders, to making sure Maryland families are able to stay in their homes, Jon Cardin has consistently been on the side of Maryland consumers.  The big corporations and insurance companies have plenty of lobbyists – Jon will make sure that the Office of the Attorney General is a one-stop shop for Maryland consumers who are trying to get a fair shake.

Jon Cardin has been a consistent advocate for Maryland consumers and has cracked down on predatory lenders and insurance companies seeking to take advantage of people. 

  • A consistent leader in the fight against predatory lending practices that hurt Maryland families, such as payday loans and advance loans.
  • Co-sponsored legislation to crack down on corporations that deceptively advertise in order to fool Maryland consumers in automotive sales, clothing sales, and food labeling.
  • Jon has embraced President Obama’s forward thinking healthcare legislation and has endeavored to fully implement Obamacare’s provisions and privileges believing that everyone deserves quality, affordable healthcare without limitations based on pre-existing conditions, age, or gender.
  • Along with his District 11 colleagues, Jon has recognized that the proliferation of natural gas around the country presents significant dangers and challenges to you as a consumer. As a result,  he sponsored first of its kind legislation to make sure that large energy companies cannot walk into your backyard and take your land to build dangerous gas lines that could cause deadly explosions or contaminate our precious natural resources.
  • Recognizing the complexity of 21st century technology that has the ability to both protect us but also invade our private spaces, Delegate Cardin led the effort to reform speed camera programs statewide by requiring increased accountability, transparency and accuracy.