More than just abortion

Even as Roe v. Wade remains the law of the land, Marylanders reproductive rights are often threatened by proposed legislation limiting or even completely destroying a woman’s right to choose. Jon has always opposed these bills and supports a full range of productive choices.

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland has given Jon a 100% rating,because he has always defended the full range of reproductive rights. Jon believes not only that abortion should be legal, available, and affordable to those who need it, but also birth control, pre-natal care, maternity leave, and other forms of reproductive health, which Jon considers reproductive rights.

Reproductive rights aren’t just about abortion. Jon believes all women should have the right to access to birth control, pre-natal care, and maternity leave. Every woman should be able to control decisions about how to treat her own body.

As Attorney General, Jon would work to see that reproductive rights are not abridged either by the courts or legislative initiatives. He will take a firm stand in protecting a woman's right to choose. In Maryland, women's reproductive rights are continually under threat by conservative legislative initiatives while support for pro-life positions is growing nationally. Democratic Attorneys General across the nation cannot focus only on protecting the reproductive rights of women in their own state; they must work together to protect reproductive rights nationally.