Ending ineffective and discriminatory policing

Racial profiling is the highly controversial procedure of law enforcement agents relying on race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin as a factor in their investigations and activities. This undermines confidence in law enforcement, increasingly alienates minority communities, and rarely leads to significant arrests. It has proven to be an ineffective method of crime reduction, and is simply wrong.

As a lawyer, Jon Cardin knows the value of prosecuting based on evidence, not the color of someone’s skin. As Attorney General, Jon will work with states attorneys and law enforcement officials to make sure that they are dedicated to promoting equality within the judicial system and putting an end to discriminatory practices.

As Attorney General, Jon has pledged to not to defend criminal appeals cases that are “polluted with racial profiling”. This sends a strong message to police and prosecutors to take seriously the task of treating all individuals the same regardless of race or ethnicity. Not only is racial profiling discriminatory and unfair, it’s bad police work. Jon Cardin’s actions as Attorney General will set a strong precedent to end racial profiling in Maryland and across the nation.