Welcoming new friends and neighbors

Maryland’s immigrant population has grown steadily in recent years and our laws should reflect that continuing change. Undocumented individuals and their children previously had no hope of attending college and were unable to obtain a driver’s license without passage of the Highway Safety Act. This thwarted immigrants’ hopes of working towards a better life. Upholding immigrant rights is important as our Constitution and Bill of Rights apply to every person in our state, whether documented or not.

The Constitution applies to everyone, regardless of immigration status

Jon wants to create a state that welcomes all nationalities and ethnicities. He supported common sense legislation such as the Maryland Highway Safety Act of 2013 which granted driver’s licenses to undocumented residents. Ensuring that every driver has the proper qualifications, a license, and valid insurance keeps our roads and highways safe and allowing undocumented individuals to apply for a diver’s license allows them to work and take their children to school.